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Quality Service Survey

At Sabal Palm Limousine we relentlessly strive to be the best in every aspect of our business.
Open communication with employees and customers ensures world-class service that exceed our customers’ demands.
Your feedback is essential; please take a few moments to tell us about your experience with Sabal palm Limousine by answering the questions below.

The reservationist was kowledgeable and courteous
The reservationist processed the reservation in an efficient manner
You received a confirmation of your reservation within 12 hours
The chauffeur was on time
Chauffeur was waiting for you in a professional manner in the correct location
Chauffeur opned the door for you
Chauffeur was professionally attired and well groomed
Chauffeur was prepared for the trip and knew directions
Chauffeur was courteous and professional
You were more than satisfied with your ride
Interior cleanliness
Exterior cleanliness
Amenities (Newspaper, Fresh Bottled Water, Magazine)
How would you rate the overall service you received from Sabal Palm Limousine ?
Is there anything else that we could have done to better serve your needs? If yes, please specify:
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