Reference Essay


Reference Essay

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In our research, technical, or science papers, it is common that we have a lot of sources from different books and publications. We need them in order to gather some facts, ideas, images, and many other important information.

Using words or ideas from other authors without acknowledging them and citing them is a form of plagiarism, the act of stealing someone’s ideas and using it as its own. This is something that every writer must avoid not only to have a good credibility but also to come up with fresh and novel ideas and notions.

Citing the authors or the publications in your essay is one thing that you must not forget to do. There are a lot of citation styles that you can use depending on the subject area that you are working on and on the paper that you are writing, and this will be fully discussed in the succeeding sections.

Basics about Citation

Citation – this method demonstrates a published service in the body of your word, as well as a book, publication, book manager or Internet website informing readers that they are considered your basis or keys from which your own phrases, thoughts, pictures were taken , drawings upsetting a large amount of other meaningful data. It is possible to find the element of these quotations in the bibliographies of the frustrated lists of literature, and also in the notes of the frustrated books.A citation consists of standard elements, the information necessary to identify and track down a certain publication. The elements in a citation are as follows:

  • author name/s
  • titles of books, articles, or journals
  • date of publication
  • page numbers
  • volume and issue numbers (for articles)

There are a lot of different presentation on this elements depending on the reference style that the author is using, and this will be discussed in the later part of this article.

Importance of Citations

Quotes are significant in a variety of relationships, due to the fact that they are used:

1. in order for your readers to be aware that they have done the right study for you, in order to get information that you imagine in your own newspaper

2. appear to be responsible scientists, recognizing that they are frustrating by submitting the corresponding to other authors

3. for your readers to be informed, so that they can trace the list of sources that they used to you, clearly showing them in their own act with the support of footnotes, a bibliography or a list of literature.

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